Premium Publishing Audio (ppA) newly founded

Premium Publishing now produces audio editions of magazines and books – information that people like to read, available to download and listen to during all the times reading is not possible: in the car, in the garden, on the move.

Professional people know that in in order to stay relevant and maintain their network, they must keep abreast of the activities and events going on in their member institution. Meanwhile, many institutions recognise the challenge in engaging, retaining and incentivising their time-poor, but information-hungry membership.

Not only is an audio edition a valuable incentive and retention tool – especially for those who spend a significant amount of time travelling – but it is also a great resource for those listeners for whom English is not their first language. ppA audio editions are read word for word by professional broadcasters and are thoroughly researched and proof-listened for accuracy and attention to detail.

And it is cost-effective: ppA makes full use of technology delivering broadcast-quality audio programmes tailor-made to fit your budget and deadlines. Performance is measurable and allows you to track who your listening audience is; where they come from and how much content they are engaging with.

Premium Publishing is partnering with award winning audio producer Jennifer Howard. After running BBC Audiobooks studios and having produced over 13 thousand hours of audio, she founded Talking Issues the company that conceived and launched The Economist’s audio edition.