Some executives are highly effective writers. Others either lack this skill or don’t have enough time. In these cases, Premium Publishing can interview key personnel and create from these encounters elegant intellectual essays that capture their voice and vision

Our writers include top journalists, published novelists and playwrights, advertising copywriters

Premium Publishing will also commission or create essays for your book from other figures outside your business. These may be potential customers or suppliers, academics, politicians or senior executives in other businesses whose outlook augments or illuminates your own company’s ideas. These essays may be drawn from any country and translated from any original language. We have created essays sourced from people ranging from school-children to the Mayor of New York, and even from a dancing dog!

The process of contacting and marshalling potential contributors will itself raise the profile of your company in its sector

Our creative team will guarantee the quality, originality and relevance of the work assembled for your book

A team of top designers and editors will ensure that the finished product is both striking and compelling

When a fast response is required, publications can be turned round within three months from commission to publication.